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7 April 2010


What is

Folk is a free community where folk trade with folk. It's a specialist site from the Hotukdeals trading community, a kind of eBay alternative for personal buying and selling. It's totally free, completely UK based and powered by the 200,000+ members from Hotukdeals.

How do I use Folk?

If you already have a Hotukdeals account, you can just sign in to with ease. Otherwise, simply click the "join now" button at the top right of Folk.

There are 3 major categories on Folk:

  • The "for sale" section: See all the items being sold or offer your own items
  • The "wanted" section: Write a request for an item, or help someone out
  • The "free" section: Where people are giving away unwanted items

For the free section, you might have to come to an agreement on postage costs only.


You can also search for items by location - which could be handy if you are planning on buying or selling a particularly bulky item, and you don't want to be hit by postage charges.

Trade Safe

Before you start trading on Folk, please please please read and follow the "trade safe" guidelines. These guidelines tell you a bit about how you should conduct your transactions on Folk. The responsibility is on you to make sure that the transaction goes smoothly.

Why should I use it?

For PlayPennies parents, Folk could be a particularly useful tool. There are loads of mums and dads on Folk selling their unwanted baby and kids items. You could join in the fun with some selling of your own, or perhaps see if there are any bargains you want to purchase. Just like ebay, Folk  has many people selling baby clothing, old toys, and household items that they have no need for any more.

Best of all - Folk is totally free. There are no pesky fees to pay, either as a buyer or a seller - that's what I like to hear!

My opinion

ClothesFrom my point of view, I am currently about 8 months pregnant with my first baby. From my family experiences, I've seen how fast babies can grow out of baby clothes. I think Folk will be ideal for when I am clearing out my gently used bundles of baby clothing in the future.

I've also had a spare computer chair sitting here for 2 months, which I have no idea what to do with! Perhaps I will list it for free, so someone can collect it locally. Folk would be ideal for that kind of thing.

Maybe I'll have a massive spring clearout!

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  • trevor m.
    its a crap website in my personal opinion, load of baloney.

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