The Father’s Day Messenger Bag Review

11 June 2012

My husband loves satchels and messenger bags. It’s as if he can’t get enough of them. Each time he buys a new one, he justifies it by saying that it is far better for work than the previous one. He needs them to carry his technology and other bits and pieces that he needs for work.

So, as Father’s Day loomed, I thought that perhaps it would be a good idea to invest in a new messenger bag for The Husband and I bought this one from M&M Direct – the Onfire Men’s Messenger Bag for £19.99.

This is usually on sale for around £39.99, so I was pretty pleased with the discount! The bag has leather trims with a cotton shell and polyester lining and a magnetic stud fastening. What’s really interesting here is that the buckles you see in the picture are not actually used, they hide the magnetic attachment. My husband found them far easier to use than buckles – much quicker access – but not as secure.

He liked the bag and the way it was designed. He felt that it was easy to carry and easy to use and looked fine. The only problem that he had with the Onfire Men’s Messenger Bag was that the inner lining was not stitched in. It is loose. I must agree with him on this as it is inconvenient and doesn’t look very good at all.

Overall, though, if you are in the market for a low cost messenger bag that’s sturdy and looks decent and can take an iPad or similar tablet and some books or notes, then this is a good investment. It is also worth noting that it doesn’t have any compartments inside so it may be too risky to use as transport for a laptop, unless that has its own protective covering.

I give this 6/10 as the lack of compartments and loose inner lining let this product down, but the discount from M&M Direct and the design really boost the overall score.

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