Bakewell Tart Chocolate Block Review

18 August 2012

When I first discovered the Thorntons British Classics range of chocolates I really wasn’t sure about the idea. Lemon Meringue chocolate? Yuck. Then I had some and it was amazing and I had to, literally, eat my words. So I wasn’t that averse to trying out the Bakewell Tart version that was given to me the other day.

These dark and tasty looking squares of chocolate look very innocent wrapped in their £1.89 box but if you’re on a diet, contemplating a diet, or ever plan to have a diet One Day, don’t open this box. If you do, you will forever dream of this utterly divine chocolate and all diets shall become immeasurably harder. It took us all by surprise.

Yes, there were three of us handed a plate of the Thorntons Bakewell Tart Chocolate and all three of us immediately took some more, and then a bit more, and then one of us distracted the Thorntons staff while the others took even more. It is that tasty. What makes this particular British Classics flavour so good is that it tastes exactly like Bakewell Tart.

Unlike some flavoured chocolates or foods that hint at the flavour of origin, this particular chocolate tastes spot on. Perfect Bakewell Tart taste with a chocolate texture. It’s odd, tasty and divine. And the price is rather awesome too, let’s face it. You get 80g for a great price and if you amble there now, at the time of writing, they have a three for £5 offer running so you save even more.

Honestly, of all the British Classics flavours from Thorntons, the Bakewell Tart is my favourite, although I wouldn’t say no to the Eton Mess.


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