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Big And Small 'Big' Toy £4.99 @ Amazon

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 6 October, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Big And Small 'Big' Toy £4.99 @ Amazon

If you love the Big and Small TV characters, you are going to love this 'Big' soft toy from Amazon at only £4.99 – a whopping 62% discount.

The British TV show Big and Small has captured the hearts of many children around the country, in fact on 40 channels around the world, thanks to the BBC. The familiar format of characters doing something, a conflict arising, and then resolving the conflict and at least one song in each episode engages little people with award winning entertainment.

If your little one loves the show, they will adore the 33cm purple plush toy. People who have left reviews on Amazon comment particularly that the toy perfectly resembles his TV counterpart, and is well made, which in a child's toy is a great bonus.

You can add 'Small' to the purchase too for a further £4.98, bringing the total for the pair to a very reasonable £9.97 – still £3.02 shy of the original price tag for 'Big' alone. Add the free Super Saver delivery to the deal and it is definitely a great bargain for fans of this children's comedy show, or lovers of soft toys.

Thanks to KingofFools at HUKD

Big and Small DVD £2.45 @ The Hut

by Sarah Macdonald in Deals on 28 February, 2010 at 10:00 am

Big and Small DVD £2.45 @ The Hut*singing* "It doesn't matter if you're tiny or doesn't matter if you're big or smaaaaalllll"

Big is....BIG and purple and Small is....small and orange and they are best pals who live together in a house in the country.  If you've never seen Big and Small then might I humbly suggest you do...?

It's charming and funny and features the unmistakeable voices of Lenny Henry (Big AND Small) and Imelda Staunton - she voices the other characters in the show: Ruby the mouse and Twiba the worm who lives in an apple on  Big's apple tree.

The concept is great - looking at things from different perspectives and finding out that sometimes being big is better than being small, whilst on other occasions being small is definitely the better option!

Big and Small DVD £2.45 @ The HutBig is soft and cuddly whereas Small is frantic and sometimes a little crazy - the house they live in has two front doors, one big for Big and one small for Small...but Small ALWAYS refuses to use the small one because he wants to be B I G!!!!!!!

The Hut are offering this DVD with a whopping 81% off the £12.99 rrp and, as always, delivery is freeeee.

Thanks to Okebird over at HUKD!