Bandai Power Ranger, Ben 10 And Thundercats Review

by Lynley Oram in Reviews on 8 May, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Bandai Power Ranger, Ben 10 And Thundercats ReviewIf you're a parent, then you're probably familiar with the name Bandai. The company makes toys for most of the top kids shows. Well, most of the American ones anyway. And there definitely seems to be a bias towards action shows that appeal to boys.

One thing they do know though, at Bandai, is their target audience. I think we've got quite a few of their various ranges in our house!

This time around we got three Bandai toys to try out. These were from the shows Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Power Rangers Samurai, and Thundercats. Here's how my young 7 year old tester got on.

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Bandai Tinga Tinga Tales Musical Instruments Review

by Tamsin Oxford in Reviews on 7 November, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Bandai Tinga Tinga Tales Musical Instruments Review

Bandai recently sent me a Tinga Tinga Tales Monkey Drum and Tinga Tinga Tales Lion Tambourine to review. They arrived individually packaged in compact little boxes and are clearly aimed at younger kids aged 18 months and older.

The Tinga Tinga Tales Monkey Drum is red plastic with a monkey head, swinging monkey arms and a decorated shaft to hold. The centre of the drum is, well, a hollow drum. It is brightly coloured, the monkey face is very sweet and it is clearly designed with the younger market in mind.

While very bright and cheerful and not hellishly expensive at £6, I am not impressed. This Tinga Tinga Tales Monkey Drum feels very plasticky and thin, almost like something you’d get as a freebie with a magazine. While it is fairly robust and nowhere near as fragile as magazine tat, it doesn’t impress.

This is unfortunate as I dislike giving utterly negative reviews but this toy, for me, is all about the show but has no show of its own.

The Tinga Tinga Tales Lion Tambourine is similarly plasticky but it is a superior product. Coming in at the same price, it is the perfect size for small hands learning to grasp, has four brightly coloured clackers, and has a cute lion image on the front.

This is far better value for money in my view as it is not as cheap looking as the Tinga Tinga Tales Monkey Drum. I would definitely get this for my nephew who loves the show and enjoys making a mess just as much.

You can get several other items in the Tinga Tinga Tales musical instrument collection including the Hippo Castanet and the Tickbird Whistle, neither of which I have touched or seen but sit at the same price point.


Bandai Noddy Giant Playmat Review

by Tamsin Oxford in Reviews on 3 November, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Bandai Noddy Giant Playmat Review

The Noddy Giant Playmat costs £10 from Bandai and is 80x90cm in size. I was impressed with the packaging on this toy as it comes in a thin tube that doesn’t look at all giant and offers some neat storage for when you’re done with playing.

To start with the “lid” of the toy slips off easy peasy to reveal two cars. One car has Noddy and the other has the naughty goblin Gobbo in his white car. These two cars are well made, sturdy and strong enough to deal with the tough love of young hands. Seeing as the toy is aimed at kids 36 months and up, this is a plus.

Next up is the Noddy giant playmat itself. This is neatly rolled up inside the tube section of the packaging and is, I’m afraid, something of a disappointment. I expected more from a playmat that costs £10 on the Bandai website.

The mat is very thin and feels cheap. The thing is, I can see where they were going with this. The Noddy giant playmat is designed to take quite a bit of abuse and to be easily washed once kids have finished drooling, slobbering and chewing on it. I did throw mine into the washing machine and it came out looking the same.

The image on the Noddy giant playmat is great. Big roads and buildings that actively draw kids in, rich with bright colours and potential adventures. I tested it on a group of toddlers who dove in with great gusto and had a lot of fun pretending to be Noddy.

Overall I would give the Bandai Noddy Giant Playmat a good score. The price is high for a mat and two cars but the quality is good and it would make a lovely Christmas gift.


Ben 10: Card Game Tin £2.99 @

by Lynley Oram in Deals on 7 June, 2010 at 7:07 pm

Ben 10: Card Game Tin £2.99 @ Play.comDo you know who Ben 10 is? If the answer is no, then the chances are that you don’t have a young lad in your life! If the answer is yes, then you’ll definitely be interested in this bargain. The recommended price is £9.99 according to although to be honest, I have seen these card tins around for £4.99. Even so this is still a good deal at £2.99 including free delivery.

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Ben 10: Card Game Tin £2.99 @ Play.comAccording to the manufacturer “The Ben 10 Collectible Card Game fuses the action of the TV series by allowing players to transform into their favourite aliens and defeat the forces of evil.” Well not quite sure how that works as they’re just cards! A bit of imagination is required I think. My son already spends ages looking through the cards he has, and I have no idea what’s going through his head. Still anything to get them reading.

Each Ben 10 collectible card game tin contains four booster packs and one exclusive Holo card. The four boosters are made up of two boosters from series one and two from the as yet series two.

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