Co-Sleeping Saved My Marriage, Says Mum of Six...

18 January 2015


Regardless of your personal views on co-sleeping, there can't be that many parents around who would claim that it can do wonders for your marriage.

But that's exactly what mother of six Amanda Moss believes, and she even appeared on ITV's This Morning to explain why. (Or at least the Daily Mail reckon she claims it 'saved' her marriage...)

The This Morning website phrases the debate like this:

"Bed-sharing has been relatively recently re-introduced into Western culture by practitioners of attachment parenting and those wanting easy-access for feeds. Opponents argue this practice may interfere with the parents' own relationship and that co-sleeping presents a physical danger as a parent may smother the child during the night. We speak to Amanda Moss, a mother of six who has two children that regularly co-sleep with her, and Alley Einstein believes co-sleeping is disruptive and bad parenting."

You can watch the debate for yourselves here - but we're more interested in hearing what you think.

If you co-sleep with your kids, how do you get round the fact that it presumably makes the marital bed somewhat, er,  redundant? Or would you agree with Amanda that sharing your bed with your kids can be good for your relationship with your partner in the long run? And what of safety concerns about co-sleeping - how do you address those if it's something that works for your family, given that current NICE guidelines state that it's safest for a baby to sleep is on its back, in its own cot or moses basket in the parents’ room for the first 6 months.

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