Sangenic Hygiene Nappy Disposal System Review

28 March 2011


I am totally in two minds about the Sangenic Hygiene Plus nappy disposal system. On the one hand it's great, and on the other, completely unnecessary.

We were given the Sangenic nappy disposal system as a babyshower gift, and used it until the cartridge it came with was empty. With a breastfed baby, the nappies don't have a particularly bad smell, so we popped supermarket bags in the bucket and used it as a normal nappy bin.

We changed to reusable nappies during the days and disposables throughout the night. We didn't leave them in the nappy disposal system, because the smell would become overpowering before the bin was full. Our washing machine broke and for a few weeks we returned to disposables full time, and by now, with a partially breast fed, partially weaned baby, the nappies weren't quite as pleasant smelling.

So, we bought a new cartridge for the nappy disposal system, and it definitely helped with the smell. To use it, you pop the nappies in the hole, turn the handle around a couple of times, and it twists the bag to 'seal' in the nappy and the smell and apparently the germs. Once the nappy is sealed, the easi-push plunger pushes the nappy into the tub, where the germ-seal film continues to kill bacteria, and for a day or so, contains the smell too.

It holds up to 28 nappies at a time, but for us that would be almost a month's worth, which is definitely not going to be hygienic, so we've never tested that claim.

Truth be told though, since our kitchen bin goes out every day, there's no reason the nappies can't go straight in there. So, is it a worthwhile purchase? I think that depends entirely on your circumstances. It was nice to have, and great to have been given as a gift, but it's certainly not on my list of essentials if I ever have another baby.

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