Happy Tree Friends Messenger Bags £2.99 @ Play

18 July 2011

happyTreeFriendsBag Play are currently selling these Happy Tree Friends messenger bags for £2.99, instead of £9.99.

I have no idea who Happy Tree Friends are - and I don't have time to do a quick bit of Google research today - but I do know that I rather like them!

They're bright, they're fun, they're more than a little quirky - rather than frilly, fruffy and a bit girly - and they're a great price too.

Both have had reviews left for them on Play and both people say that these bags are actually quite big.

HUGE and MASSIVE were the words used...

"I thought this bag would be a reasonable size but it is massive inside, I'm thinking you could use a small overnight bag or even as a picnic bag."

"I received the bag in the post very quickly and when id got it out of the packaging i was not expecting it to be that big! IT IS HUGE! The site needs to add bag size as i thought it was a small messenger bag for essentials, but you could easily fit 2 to 3 folders plus in there with room! ANYWAY, its great quality and a great price. 4 stars for the lack of sizing."

So if you're looking for a small satchel, then maybe these aren't the bags for you.  But if you're after something bigger and a bit quirky, then I reckon these could be a winner.

Thanks to goonertillidie and erbol at HUKD

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  • Carlos
    Mmmm.... not really suitable for children. More of an adult cartoon (think Ren and Stimpy then turn it up a notch) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Tree_Friends Specifically: As indicated on the official site, it is "not recommended for children under 10". Despite its childish appearance, the show is extremely violent, with every episode featuring blood, pain, and gruesome deaths. Great bag, but more for a teenager/young adult than a 5 yo!
  • michelle
    Might be worth googling :) It's an mtv show about cute cartoon animals dying in in interesting ways. Very adult not child suitable. If you look closely the moose has been decapitated (?)
  • Lynley O.
    Looks perfect for a teenager then and a good price. I'm going to grab one of these for the Christmas pile.

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