Timmy Time 4 in 1 Jigsaw Puzzle £2.48 @ Tesco

19 September 2011

timmyTimeJigsawPuzzle If you're quick you'll be able to pick up a Timmy Time 4 in 1 jigsaw puzzle for £2.48 instead of £4.97.

Timmy Time and jigsaw puzzles, two things guaranteed to provide plenty of fun for young fans of the cheeky sheep.

Jigsaw puzzles are right near the top of my favourite things list, for grown-ups and kids.

I haven't done one for years and I think I might just have to remedy that; when you need to turn your brain off and just focus on 'nothing', I always found immersing myself in a good puzzle did the trick.

For kids though, it's a whole different experience.

When they're really little they have to learn how to physically to grips with the pieces, thus developing fine motor skills.

They have to learn to sort out the corners from the edges and the middle pieces; that takes care of shape recognition and then they need to build the picture on the box using the puzzle pieces, which sorts out pattern recognition.

And you, maybe, thought a puzzle was just for fun.

This Timmy Time 4 in 1 jigsaw puzzle features Mittens, Ruffy, Paxton and Timmy pictures with the four puzzles comprising six, eight, 10 and 12 pieces.

They're suitable for little ones aged three years and over and I'd collect it from your local Tesco, for free, if you'd like to avoid paying £5.00 for home delivery.

Happy sorting out corners from edges!

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