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6 August 2012

Okay, so maths weren't my forte back in school, but I do think that if something is half it's original price, and you can take up to 15% off with a voucher code, then that's 65% off, right? I hope so, otherwise that's a misleading headline, but I'm going with it.

Mothercare have 50% off some of their puzzles, bringing starting prices down to as low as £2.50 for some of the baby sets. With the voucher code below, you can also take 10% off if you buy 3 items, or 15% off if you buy 5. Not everything in the puzzles section is reduced, however, so keep an eye on that. Those items that aren't half price can still be reduced by the 10  - 15% though.

Take a load off at Mothercare

  • Discount: 10% on three items or 15% on five items
  • Discount Code: SAS

So, if you're buying baby puzzles, you could get a Number Puzzle (was £7.00), an Alphabet Puzzle  (was £7.00) and a Jungle Puzzle (was £5.00) for £9.50 instead of £19.00. Take another 10% off of the £9.50 and your price for the three puzzles is just £8.55 and delivery is included for free.

Add another two items, like the  ELC Cottage Lift Out Puzzle (originally £8) and the ELC Wallop A Worm Game (also £8) and take 15% off everything - bringing  your basket to £21.66.

BUT! Be careful how you do it, because if you buy those last two puzzles in a separate order, you'd save £6 on them (they're 2 for 10) and your delivery is free anyway, so just spend a bit of time on it and see what gets you the best deal.

Thanks to qwertycrazy at HUKD

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