Parents Could Face Fines, Prosecutions Or Even Imprisonment If Their Children Are Late For School

11 May 2015

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From next September if your children are late for school you need to have a really good reason, as in "exceptional circumstances", otherwise you could face fines, and even prosecution and imprisonment if you don't pay.

At the moment 500 schools in Hampshire have signed up to the scheme starting in the Autumn term, and are warning parents that if lateness occurs 10 times then there will be a fine of £60 issues by the council. Failure to pay within 21 days will double the fine to £120, and refusal to pay could mean that the council prosecute. There are many other councils that are implementing fines for recurrent lateness, including Wales, Southend, Islington and more.

The actions taken and the level of lateness that will trigger a fine will vary according to your local council, and whether that school has signed up to the scheme. For example in Wales a fine will be issued when a child has been late 10 times in one half term, and in Islington it is 12 times in 6 weeks.

If your child's school is planning on issuing fines for lateness in the same way that they already issue fines for absence then you should be informed of the fact beforehand by your child's school.

We all know that persistent absence and lateness can impact on a child's education, but is the threat of a fine going to act as a deterrent? And what exactly is going to be considered as a valid "exceptional circumstance"? Have you been informed that your child's school is going to start fine for persistent lateness?

We would love to know your views on this.

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  • Amyf
    I completely agree with this. There is no excuse for being late this many times in a half term. Being late not only impacts the child but the rest of the class is disrupted.
  • justiceforall
    i am sure these fines are not legal if you do not consent. go to to know more. it is illegal to fine you before you have had your day in court. also they have no contract with you unless you agree to it, just return the fine letters with no contract on, this is not legal advice just something for you to investigate further how discussing that
  • justiceforall
    how discussing that a government can threaten its people with prison for this when no crime has been committed ! where is the injured party ?

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