Asda George Full School Uniform Deal £3.75

21 July 2015

asda 3.75 uniform offer pm

Those 'Back to School' items soon mount up when you have more than one child to buy for. That's why you need to know about the AMAZING deal that Asda George* have launched today... Full School Uniform Outfit for £3.75. How cheap is that?

For your £3.75, you get: A pack of two 100% Cotton Polo Shirts, a Teflon Coated Girls Skirt/Boys School Trousers and a Lasting Colour Jumper in Navy or Red.

You don't have to have that set amount as each item is priced individually, so you can mix and match accordingly. The two pack of 100% Cotton Polo Shirts are £1, Teflon Coated Girls Skirt and Boys School Trousers are £1.75 each and Lasting Colour Jumper in Navy or Red are £1 each.

This offer is NOT online so you will need to visit your local Asda store to bag them. That's not necessarily a bad thing, when great offers like this are online they sell out way faster than in store promotions,so technically you have a better chance. It does depend on how much stock your store receives in the first place.

I would get going this morning if I wanted great odds of picking up a School Uniform bargain. If you do miss out then remember about the Aldi School Uniform promotion for £4. Find more on that here.

Thanks to Jenna C on our Facebook Page.

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  • daughter1
    Hi any idea which ASDA'S as offer not on in my local b'head store. Thanks Emma
  • Nada EDITOR
    Hi any idea which ASDA'S as offer not on in my local b'head store. Thanks Emma
    As far as we know it's nationwide in all Asda stores that sell School Uniform. You are the first we have heard that has been unsuccessful in finding any. You could always ring Asda Customer Services and I am sure they will advise you on your closest participating store... 0800 952 6060. Hope that helps, Nada x

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