LEGO Party Invitations

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 23 June, 2014 at 10:30 am

LEGO Party Invitations


Ah Lego. When you're not trodding on it, it's quite fun and the kids do love it. It's a vehicle for imagination and I'm okay with it because  I know it's helping them develop life skills along the way.  And LEGO does make for a great party theme too!

Looking at invitations, there are three commonly followed themes for LEGO party invitations - printed, paper crafts and LEGO pieces. I love how creative mums can get for their kids! It's so lovely!

The pictures above consist of either 3D block arrangements, which I think look brilliant, or turning a block into an invitation, which is really cute too. I love the big picture, with the interactive paper brick, although I suspect that would be a fair bit of work! Then there are the trademark MiniFig heads in their various interpretations- the first square one bottom left is actually a party bag, but I think it could make a good invite too - insides and those with the rounded corners. You need a printer, scissors and a bit of time and they'd be great!

LEGO Party Invitations

For those of us with less time, Amazon do a range of Lego invitations, including ones you can personalise, but sadly I couldn't find any for Duplo.

LEGO Party InvitationsIf you have a bit more money to throw around, you can use the bricks themselves. I just love the pillowbox invitations. They are brilliant and so professional looking. The pillowboxes* can be found for about 77p each and all you need is a few bricks and a printer. Love that!

A bit less work but equally as effective, the LEGO bricks can be the invitation itself. I'd probably glue them together, but at the same time, you can probably put them in a pillow box or envelope and let your recipients build their own invitation. Or, like the last picture, print off some LEGO men, and stand them up on bricks.

Have you seen or used other LEGO invitation ideas?


Fairy Party Ideas (For Boys)

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Fairy Party Ideas (For Boys)
While I get really irked by the gender divide in toys, there are some occasions where I could see a boy may not feel particularly included in girl themes - like fairy or princess parties, for example. Following last week's Fairy Party Theme Ideas, we've had some questions about how we would go about including boys in the theme, so here are a few adaptations to make it magical for your male friends too.

Instead of wands, wings and tiaras, how about pixie ears in flesh or green? Or even elf shoes? Or if you're looking for fancy dress ideas, how about this superbly cute garden gnome outfit? A little more expensive, but this one is even cuter!

You could go a slightly different route and play on the Peter Pan theme for a boy at a fairy party - Peter Pan or the lost boys if there are a lot of boys.  A friend of mine held a Peter Pan party, but she's super creative, and sewed hats for all the boys from felt. There's very little 'out there' to buy for a Peter Pan party, so you may have to go for the obvious other: pirates.

Fairy Party Ideas (For Boys)

For this addition, there are loads of options similar to the fairies: tattoos*,Pirate Party Hats*, Pirate note books*, Pirate Party Telescopes*, Pirate Eye Patchesand Pirate Foam Masksto name a few. And you know it's not a pirate party without a box of Pirate Treasure Gold somewhere.  (For this my friend put a bag of coins and some kids jewellery into a 'treasure chest' filled with play sand and the kids had to dig through the sand for the treasure. Genius!)

To add some 'pirate' to your games, you could have a pirate treasure huntor simplify things if there are only a small number of boys and have them 'hunt' for fairies to put in a 'cage'. Daddy dressed as Peter Pan to rescue all the fairies would go down a storm #justsaying. (My hubby would never do it!)

Any other ideas for including boys in a fairy party? We'd love your thoughts!

Fairy Party Bag Fillers

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Fairy Party Bag Fillers

I love Amazon for party bag fillers, and when it comes to Fairy Party goodie bags, they don't disappoint. Here are some of my favourite fairy party goody bag fillers - now, if you're having a party for 30 school friends, you'll probably want to stick to some of the cheaper items, and split some of the bigger ones, but if you're having a small party for close friends, you can spend just a little more to make up some lovely bags that your Fairy Queen and her friends will love, and will serve as brilliant momentoes of a special birthday party.

For larger parties, or just cheaper goodie bags, how about buying a 24-pack of Fairy Tattoos*, a 12 pack of Fairy Sticker sheets (or two, if you need more!), 5 beaded butterfly bracelets

I often break up sets if it's going to work out cheaper, so you could, for example, buy  the 5pc Fairy stationary setand split one set between 5 bags. Add Fairy wands* to each bag and the little girls will be 'dwing'-ing everything in sight for days (I have experience of this!).  Add something that will last a little longer than the party, in the form of Fairy Activity Sticker A6 Books* (right now these work out at 27p each - not a whole lot!)

If you have a party for close friends or just a handful of people, you could push the boat out a little and pop a body glitter pot of "Fairy Dust" in each bag too.

If you regularly shop at Amazon, it's worth making a list of everything you'd like to get, and whenever you need 'something' to make up the £10 for free delivery, just add it to your purchase - it actually works out quite helpful, so when the time to make up your goodie bags comes, it didn't end up costing you much at all, thanks to a little planning ahead.

For more fairy party ideas, check out our Pinterest board!

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Tinkerbell Fairy Party Games

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Tinkerbell Fairy Party GamesFairy parties need some fun and games, and while you can personalise it as much as you want, you don't have to break the mold too much to have a lovely party.

Something as simple as a treasure hunt will keep small people occupied for a while, and they'll have loads of fun! Golden coins, buttons on ribbon, thimbles - the stuff of imaginations.  The toadstool ring toss is genius too - a few upturned bowls on tree stumps, and hula hoops make a great twist on the original game. And the toadstool musical chairs is really sweet too - no sew felt circles with red dots on them, so fun. I'm just wondering what you could re-purpose them as when the party is done?

If you want to play pass the parcel, why not skip the candy or lollies and put a fairy tattoo sticker* in each layer. The children will enjoy them for days.

The same again for the Pin the Tail on the Donkey Wand on the Fairy - a party classic, turned fairy party masterpiece.

If your little ones like crafting, paint a fairy house is great if you can use pound shop bird feeders.

Those little fairy necklaces* top right will make a great set of party prizes, or treasure hunt prizes, or simply gifts from the fairies. And using shower curtain rings wrapped in ribbons are great fun for little people running around dancing with them in the wind behind them too. I can just picture it. Again, these would make lovely party favours or game prizes, or just fun decorations.

For more fairy party ideas, check out our Pinterest board!

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Fairy Party Food Ideas

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Fairy Party Food IdeasIn a search for fairy party food, it's no surprise to find toadstools are a major feature, from the healthy to the semi healthy to the not healthy at all. They are so versatile, like with the strawberry and marshmallows, marshmallow and apple, tomato and cheese or toadstool cupcakes.  Absolutely fabulous. Fairy Party Food Ideas Some of these ideas are just so gorgeous, and some of them look pretty easy. I mean, how hard can it be to dip icing sugar in ice cream cones, and pop some candy floss in there. Super sweet and brilliant. I've said before that cookie cutters are a party planner's dream - these butterflies are easy, if time consuming, but really fun. Cutting stars from watermelon or other fruit, and thread them on a skewer for cute and healthy wands, (word of warning - don't stick them upright until the last minute. They can break quite easily!) Another easy little treat  is the marshmallows, dipped in something wet and then rolled in sparkly sugar. Yum yum! And those hedgehogs? Well, be still my heart.

If you have ice lolly molds, edible flowers in lemonade are really pretty, and if you're feeling very creative, the DIY candies are a lovely touch - but not as easy as they look, I reckon!

What's your favourite fairy party food?

For more fairy party ideas, check out our Pinterest board!

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£200 Vouchers With Signup @ Kiddicare Bump,Baby & You Club

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£200 Vouchers With Signup @ Kiddicare Bump,Baby & You ClubKiddicare have launched a new Bump & Baby Club and it's a bumper - no pun intended.

This new club is much like other baby clubs, but instead of just advice and tracking your baby's development, you'll also get £200 worth of vouchers to use towards those baby essentials you may want during the early years.   You will also receive a guide for pregnancy and beyond, a 28-page voucher book with great online partner offers and monthly emails with specialist know-how at every stage of your pregnancy.

Vouchers include money off spends, like £5 off 30, £10 off 60, £15 off 100, 20% off toys, 20% maternity and 20% baby clothing and 10% off nappies. If you live locally you'll also be able to use six free drinks vouchers. These may change, of course, so this is just an example of what's available. One of the best perks of this club as far as I'm concerned though, is that you now get an extra 5% off all sale prices.

Tinkerbell Fairy Party Decorations

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 10 June, 2014 at 11:39 am

Tinkerbell Fairy Party Decorations Nothing makes a fairy party more effectively than decorations. You can ignore everything else, but a few well placed decorations will make those little imaginations fly! The first no brainer, which doesn't have to cost you any money, is to make it a fancy dress party, with your guests coming as fairies or elves. With your guests as characters, the scene is set.

All that's left to do then, is set a table, and bring it all to life. I loved the low table in the picture above. It's perfectly designed for little people and would be awesome in a forest setting.

For an indoor party, I loved the fairy wings suspended from the ceiling - this works as well from trees outdoors though.

Another really effective decor is the canopy tent*. I'm not sure why, but that holds almost mystical charm for children - put a few cushions or throws down on the ground and the kids will turn it into a palace. I grew up knowing these as mosquito nets, but my girls have them as bed canopies and they love it!

And if you have trees to use, definitely invest in a fairy door or two! They're from £3.99 on Amazon, and well worth the money, I think! Tinkerbell Fairy Party Decorations The 'in' thing for fairies definitely seems to be hanging things. I bought a big tub of fairy stickers for my daughter's 1st birthday party, and tied the glittery fairies to string and had them hanging from the trees, like flying fairies. It was really cute and very effective.

Another winner is making paper pompoms, like in the big picture above. I also love the hanging crowns. I suppose each child gets one as they arrive, but again, it just looks so effective. Fairy lights and twirly things add another great mix of pretty to the decor, whether in the form of table decorations, or hanging in doorways. Beautiful ideas come together in the small details to make spectacular party decor.

For more fairy party ideas, check out our Pinterest board!

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Tinkerbell Fairy Party Invitations

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 9 June, 2014 at 10:00 am

 Tinkerbell Fairy Party Invitations

I took my children to see Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy over the weekend, and for the first time in weeks, their roleplay didn't include the names Elsa or Anna. No one has sung 'Let It Go' for hours. It did remind me of my youngest's first birthday party though, which was a lovely fairy party.

Our invitations were scrolls, with fairy stickers* holding them in their 'hands' so it looked like the fairies were delivering them. It was quite sweet.

Browsing around Pinterest today I can see that scrolls are quite the in thing  to do, but I love how different mums have put different spins on them, like tying them up with feathers, leaves, or using twigs. The paper leaves in the first picture were for a beautiful woodland pixie party, and I really love the colourful feather arrangements in the middle picture. They look really pretty, don't they? I love the last one too. It's so elegant, and still woodlandy. I love it.

 Tinkerbell Fairy Party InvitationsAnother popular theme in fairy invitations is star-wands.  Easy to do, just cut out a bunch of stars and put them on a stick, but you personalise them in many ways too for instance with glitter or bows. Or you can buy the plastic wands* and wrap them in an envelope, like the middle picture above. That's a cute idea too. 

 Tinkerbell Fairy Party Invitations

You can of course, also go for cute pre -printed or print your own invitations. Amazon is full of fairy invitations*.

 Tinkerbell Fairy Party Invitations

There are also some quirky and different invitation ideas, like putting them in glass bottles, which I think is super cute!

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Bag Ideas

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 6 June, 2014 at 10:00 am

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Bag IdeasParty Bags coming out signal the end of the party, normally, so it's fitting that they should take pride of place as the last post in our Thomas party week. Party bags, goodie bags, or whatever you call them can be a bone of contention between party planning mums, and some see them as one upmanship. I don't see them that way at all. I love doing goodie bags, and I love my girls giving them out at the end of their parties as a thank you to their friends for coming.

Personally, I am not a fan of 'tat'. I like stuff that's not going to be headed for landfill by dinner time. That means I normally have to start planning and looking out for goodie bag fillers quite early on, so that I can grab bargains and use things like Amazon Add-ons over the period of months.

For a Thomas party, I loved the variation in the goodie bags pictured above. From the simple DIY from a printed picture and some coloured bags, to the (apparently also DIY!) drawstring bags to the simply brilliant goodie 'cup'*, these are all great ideas, and will depend on your budget. I like a smaller bag so you can fill it with less, but more decent things.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Bag IdeasA real easy win with goodie bags is bubbles. They don't have to be Thomas themed, but if you really wanted to, you could print out label sized stickers with a thank you note on them, and a train, and stick them to the bubbles. You can buy 24 bubble pots* for £2.99, so not a huge expense. I liked the colours on these too, the fit in with Thomas and his friends.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Bag IdeasStickers are another really easy win. I sometimes buy a book and put a page in each goodie bag, but actually the Thomas and Friends Sticker Fun* set at Amazon is already in strips, so that's pretty cool - though a bit more expensive, so possibly not ideal if you have a lot of friends coming.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Bag Ideas

I also often find that buying and splitting sets works out a lot more cost effective. A great example is this Thomas art set. It is advertised as 19 pieces - I'd probably take the 3 pictures out - and split the water colour paints; coloured pencils; pencil; pencil sharpener; eraser and paintbrush into different goodie bags. All useful, usable things, that won't break my bank at (currently) £2.90.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Bag IdeasThose are just some simple and easy goodie bag fillers for you.  You could add soaps, chocolates or sweets, if you felt  like being very creative. Otherwise, just finish it off with a personalised chocolate bar.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Game Ideas

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 5 June, 2014 at 10:00 am

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Game IdeasOnce you've sent out the invites, done all the decor and made or had the food delivered, the only thing left to do is entertain a horde of kids for a couple of hours. I've been to a few parties recently where the sum total of entertainment was a large bouncy castle and a game or two of pass the parcel. The kids absolutely loved it.

If you want more than that for party games, however, Pinterest is a treasure trove of DIY, cheap and cheerful, and most importantly, fun games to make any party a success.

Whether bought or home made, a pinata is a great idea for a party. It gets everyone involved and burns off some steam. A friend of mine had a Thomas party for her then two year old, and she made the helicopter(  is it Harold?) into a pinata, and rather than sweets, filled it with bubbles, erasers and so on, bulk bought from the pound shop. It was rather brilliant. 

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Game Ideas

The party classic, pin the tail on the donkey can be reworked quite easily to pin the stack on the steam engine, or the eye on Thomas, or the steam on the steam train, hitch the carriage on the engine... or one on a hundred different options. I particularly love this 'put the engines in their sheds' game from Etsy, though I'm sure a printer and laminator would do the job just fine.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Game Ideas

I use stickers all the time in parties, they are so versatile! They can be treasure for a hunt, or decorating at a craft table for example. Another fail safe is to have an activity pack of colouring pages, ideal for quieter children or those that need a little time out from all the fun.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Game Ideas

What are your go-to party games?

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Food Ideas

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 4 June, 2014 at 10:30 am

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Food IdeasI always spend way too much time and attention on party food, and I'll let you in on a little secret: when we've decided on our theme, the first thing I do is scour eBay for a cookie cutter to match. They are so versatile! One year we made fish shaped ornaments from salt dough for the goodie bags. We also had fish shaped sandwiches and biscuits. Another year we had fairies and toadstools, and again, white bread, brown bread and biscuits - a whole themed table with one little purchase. The same for the farm animals party, messy play party and Winnie The Pooh parties too.

The picture above is from Boksomdaais and is a great example of exactly that - a train cookie cutter makes biscuits and sandwiches, and everyone thinks you went to major effort. Love it. 

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Food Ideas

I like trying to make everything from scratch myself, but in all honesty, there are some things just best left to the professionals, and I have a strong suspicion these cake toppers are on that list.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Food Ideas

Instead, you could always buy edible rice paper toppers*. Much easier, I think, and cheaper.

Finally, it doesn't all have to be about sugar and sweets. While this looks like way too much work for me, this mum did an awesome job of providing a packed lunch for all her son's school friends. It looks fab, and I love the bright food colours.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Food Ideas

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Decor

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 3 June, 2014 at 10:00 am

While I've yet to meet a child who doesn't want his or her birthday party to go ahead because there's not enough decor around, I absolutely love theming my girls parties. While they're young enough to not have too strong an opinion on it, I have free reign - which I enjoy immensely!

Here are some of my favourite ideas for decorating for a Thomas the Tank Engine party.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Decor

Catch My Party has a lot of themed ideas that would take some time to do. What drew me to it though was that I love how just the simple use of blue and red paper fans really made a difference to the whole 'decor' feel. Crepe paper should be able to do that! Easy and cheap.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party DecorAnother effective but relatively easily do-able idea for theme decor comes in the form of these train boxes - I can just see them being awesome fun at a party, knowing how much my little ones love playing in boxes! Decor and entertainment in one? Bonus.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Decor

While these Thomas the Tank Engine wall stickers* are actually room decor, I really like it for scene setting - I'd probably just stick it on with blue tack without removing the sticky backing though, so I could reuse it after the party!

We'll look at party food tomorrow, but a great way of styling the party is definitely by using the party table effectively - like using a Thomas train and bowls for keeping the food in. So clever and again, really effective, and practical too.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party DecorProbably the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to bring your theme across, however is with paper plates and cups. These don't even have to be specially ordered or hunted down either - look at the Thomas the Tank Engine paper plates* from Tesco, 10 plates for £2.25 (they're on sale right now).

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Decor

That should make for a wonderfully decorated party venue!

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Invitation Ideas

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 2 June, 2014 at 2:30 pm

I've been looking around for invitation ideas for Thomas the Tank Engine birthday parties. We know we have a lot of Thomas fans among our readers, so if you're planning a Thomas and Friends party, make sure to check out our party ideas this week.

The most important part of any party is the people, so you need to send out your invitations in plenty of time. As you can imagine most Thomas the Tank Engine invitations are around the theme of tickets, and many of these you can do yourself.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Invitation IdeasHand Made By Odette has some beautiful Thomas the Tank Engine Invitations, but I suspect these will require specialist equipment - or the patience of a saint. I'd be tempted to try them using Shrinkles*, actually, so you can print, cut and pop in the oven before gluing on to card. A lot of work for invitations though!

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Invitation Ideas

No one would think worse of you if you decided to go for the easier option, of course - Amazon has these personalised invitations for £4.55 for 10. A lot less effort, and still a personal touch.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Invitation Ideas

If you'd like something a little easier than the first invitation, but still want to do it yourself, there are some brilliant resources online for free templates and free printables.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Invitation Ideas

Personally, this party invitation from Gift Delight my favourite. It requires a bit of crafting, but a pair of kids scisissors, a printer and some card should do just fine. It's the perfect balance between hand made and cheap and cheerful. The kind of card I'd probably put in a memory box to one day attempt myself.

If you're looking for Thomas themed gifts, have a look and see if there's currently anything on sale that matches your criteria!

Footprint Father's Day Bookmark

by Karen McGinn in Misc on 1 June, 2014 at 10:38 pm

Footprint Father's Day Bookmark

There's all sorts of kid's handprint and foot print crafts available on the internet, and also loads of different bookmark options. My daughters and I have spent a lot of time playing with Shrinkles recently too, so I decided to combine the two into an easy and fun craft activity for Father's Day, to accompany the book we're giving him.

Click here to

DAD Photo For Father's Day

by Karen McGinn in Misc on 1 June, 2014 at 10:57 am

DAD Photo For Father's Day

What a lovely - and inexpensive - Father's Day gift idea this is! And there are so many ways you could customise it and make it completely unique to your family too! Just love this DAD photo! The author says they give Dad a picture like this every year, and I think that's a brilliant concept too, so you can almost 'chart' the family's growth from year to year. Brilliant.

Thanks to Luschka van Onselen!

The UK Queen's Baton Relay Route Dates (Commonwealth Games)

by Karen McGinn in Misc on 31 May, 2014 at 8:49 pm

The UK Queen's Baton Relay Route Dates (Commonwealth Games)

I was walking my daughter to school yesterday and noticed that a whole load of flags and bunting had sprung up overnight regarding the Commonwealth Games. Of course my 7 year old wanted to know more and it turns out they're for the relay route which will be arriving in our town in June.  It started in England today, 31st of May, and ends in Glasgow on the 23rd of July, with a whole load of other UK dates in between.

Click here to see the Queen's Baton Relay Route and check for a location near you

We've got our date marked on the calendar now but thought it may be something your kids would like to see too?

Loom Band Storage Ideas

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 26 May, 2014 at 8:05 pm

Loom Band Storage IdeasAh, loom bands. Do you find them all over the house? In pockets, and under sofa cushions? If the bags and boxes they come in aren't hacking it for you, here are a few storage ideas to keep it all tidy as you can.

Girlfriends Get Organised have turned to old pill boxes, mini lunch boxes, magnetic spice containers and craft boxes to keep them separated by colour.

Cool Mom Picks suggests plastic jars, a bead box, a hanging toiletry bag or for major operations, a tackle box for keeping all the loom bands in order

Our Fifth House has gone label crazy, but it does look kind of cool, and this blogger uses pen holders to keep the loom hooks safe and sound. Live Life Latte have a rather inspired 'photo organiser' to keep their loom bands together, and Sweet and Simple Living have found a great way to display their loom band projects.

How do you store your loom bands?

5 DIY Play Dough Recipes

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 24 May, 2014 at 7:22 am

5 DIY Play Dough RecipesPlay dough is a firm favourite in our house, and it's so easy to make and personalise, you'll soon find that you can make and personalise it to your needs. We do seasonal sensory boxes, for example, so you could make pastel colours for spring, yellows and browns for autumn, glittery play dough for birthdays, red and green for Christmas. The options are limitless. We've even tried a white glittery one for winter. The kids loved it.

There are a number of different schools of thought when it comes to play dough with options like cooked or uncooked, or even gluten free if you need that as an option. Since it's all made using actual food stuffs, there's no toxicity to it either - assuming you don't put none edible glitter or bits into it, that is.

The Imagination Tree is the place to go for all things kids, so it's as great a place to start as any: with Anna's best ever no cook playdough. Using ingredients you can find in any decent sized supermarket, you can make to make this play dough recipe in just 4 minutes, and apparently it will lasts for 6 months!

Just to make sure you never run out of ideas, The Imagination Tree also offers the A-Z of Play Dough recipes and creative play activities.

Tinkerlab has another idea for very similar ingredients, but it's a cooked play dough recipe and apparently it too will last for months.

Regular PlayDoh contains gluten so it's not suitable for children who can't have it but fortunately it's easy enough to make gluten free too. You have to scroll down this page a little to get to the gluten free play dough, but this recipe is apparently great. One Creative Mommy tried three different gluten free play dough's and it gets her seal of approval.

Salt play dough is great for making decorations and things you want to paint afterwards. We made these for Christmas most years - much cheaper than going to the ceramics shop, for sure. You can bake these creations when you're done to keep them forever, but we have had success with microwaving them too - they're done in just a few minutes then. This isn't a re-use recipe though. If you leave it the dough dries out, even sealed.

Finally, this home made modeling clay recipe is different to anything else I've tried. It looks like buttercream icing. Apparently it air dries really and is great for painting once dried too.

What's your favourite play dough recipe?

We Need You! The Playpennies Team are looking for Freelance Deal Editors and Bloggers

by Karen McGinn in Misc on 23 May, 2014 at 6:07 pm

We Need You! The Playpennies Team are looking for Freelance Deal Editors and Bloggers

Looking For Pennywise Parents @ Playpennies

Do you have an excellent eye for a baby bargain? Are you choc-full of clever parenting tips and tricks? Do you LOVE to share the money-saving deals you find with your friends and family?

If so, you might be just who we're looking for.

Playpennies is on the hunt to appoint a Deal Editor who can find, source and share deals, tips and money-saving, parent-friendly content online at on a daily basis.

If you're the kind of parent who never makes a purchase without trawling stores and forums for the very best deal and you rarely miss a bargain, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to share your talents with a wider audience.

You'll need to have first-class communication and writing skills, and ideally some experience of blogging using Wordpress or another similar Content Management System. A dab hand at writing compelling, conversational content, you'll understand how quickly good deals can expire, and thus will appreciate the need to share them with the Playpennies community lightning fast.

You'll also be super keen to help your fellow mums and dads save money, and you'll enjoy sharing your tips and finds, as well as blogging about the not-so-glamorous side of being a parent.

Playpennies is quickly growing into a great resource for parents from all backgrounds, and with your help we’ll make it bigger and better.

The right candidate will thrive on the flexibility that comes with working independently, and being a trustworthy, reliable and driven individual is an absolute must.

Hours: Flexible - ideally 14-20 per week

Freelancer pay rate: £7.25 per hour

If this sounds like you and you'd like to apply, send your CV along with a cover note to us here*

Beyond Bracelets: Fabulous Loom Band Projects To Try

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 21 May, 2014 at 9:39 pm

Beyond Bracelets: Fabulous Loom Band Projects To TrySo you have a house full of loom bands, lying all over the place? Your kids have made 7,000,034 bracelets (or it feels like it) and you're up to your eyeballs in 'em. We know how you feel.

Maybe the kids need a new challenge? How about mixing it up with the bracelets? Here are 8 easy bracelet styles for beginners - single, squared, fish tail, railroad, triple single, diamond, and bonbon - to help you get some variety going.

This site has some of the same loom band bracelet ideas, but some different too, like the rainbow ladder, the Minecraft Creeper Band Bracelet, the zippy chain, starburst, and sunspots.

If all those are simply too, well, simple, the head over to for a pick of some exquisite loom band patterns, like the Hibiscus Rainbow Loom bracelet tutorial, adding letter beads to a Rainbow Loom bracelet, making Heart Charm Rainbow Loom Bracelets, and my personal favourite, the Rock Candy Rainbow Loom Bracelet - it's stunning! My daughter would love the Rainbow Dash (my Little Pony, anyone), and then there's how to turn your loom bands into a hairclip!

Becoming Martha has the ultimate list of non-bracelet loom band ideas and charms and figures.