Anatomical Baby Bump Art

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 17 May, 2015 at 11:32 am

Anatomical Baby Bump Art

Have you seen the anatomical baby bump art by artist Marieke Crone? It may not be for everyone, but it would definitely be a talking point in the baby photo album! And it's a great way of explaining to older siblings exactly what's going on in mummy's body - but even if not anatomical, some of these are pretty cute!

Mums who opt for a Blessingway rather than a baby shower have long been practising bump art with henna as a way of celebrating the mum to be and her bump, and I've seen some impressive belly art in my time as a mum, but I must say these are something exquisite - I'd never want to wash it off!

Skin & Scones, recently rebranded as Altelier Body Art has an amazing set of bump art pictures herebut here's a small selection:

Anatomical Baby Bump ArtIf you've had bump art done, share the pictures with us on Facebook, we'd love to see it!


Tips For Travelling With Young Children

by Nada in Misc on 15 May, 2015 at 9:30 pm

 Tips For Travelling With Young Children

It can be hard travelling with small children but as I have travelled by train and coach four times a year on big journeys and used public transport daily with my kids in tow, I feel like I learnt something along the way. Here's my list of tips on how to cope when you have to travel with young children, even if you are a lone parent.

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Claudia Winkleman On Her Daughter's Halloween Costume Fire Injury: "I Can't Remember Life Before It."

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Misc on 14 May, 2015 at 10:20 am

Claudia Winkleman On Her Daughter's Halloween Costume Fire Injury: "I Can't Remember Life Before It."

Claudia Winkleman, mother of three, and presenter of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, has spoken publicly about the "life-changing but not life-defining" burns sustained by her eight year old daughter last Halloween.

In a BBC TV interview, Claudia described the moment she realised that her daughter's Halloween costume had caught fire. She said:

"She went up, is the only way I know how to describe it. It was not like fire I had seen before. We couldn't put her out. Her tights had melted into her skin. It was the tights that... they came back to life. It was like those horrific birthday candles that you blow out and then they come back."

The costume which Matilda was wearing cost about £5 from a local supermarket, and Claudia says she hopes that speaking about her experience might help prevent similar accidents involving children and flammable fancy dress costumes.

Matilda has undergone several operations. Claudia says that her injuries were life-changing but not life-defining, and that Matilda is able to walk, run and jump.

However, she added:

"It was definitely life-changing for me. I can't remember life before it."

Claudia's interview is profoundly moving, and worth five minutes of your time. I'll be choosing Halloween costumes extremely carefully this year, on account of her experience.

BBC One's Watchdog programme is screening an investigation into the flammability of High Street costumes this evening, at 8pm.

Limited Edition Orla Kiely Douwe Egberts Coffee Jars

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 13 May, 2015 at 7:54 pm

Limited Edition Orla Kiely Douwe Egberts Coffee JarsOrla Kiely fans look out! Douwe Egberts have teamed up with Orla Kiely to produce a limited edition coffee jar series, as pictured above.

I just stumbled on to these today, but it turns out they've been around for a while, and Orla Kiely Facebook groups have apparently been going crazy searching for them. They're even up to twice their face value on eBay already.

The Limited Edition Orla Kiely jars are available in the green and orange as dark roast, and the yellow jars are available in the medium roast, and they should be available at most supermarket chains, including the Co-op and Tesco. That said, they seem to be rare and are being snapped up as they hit the shelves.

These jars are excellent for storing small amounts of left over flour, pasta or other 'bits' that end up in a bag in the back of the cupboard. They're quite pretty to look at even without the artwork, and you can remove the plastic from lid and pop something inside, then return the plastic and have decorated lids - my mum used to fill hers with seashells from her trips around the world.

Just have a look at #DELovesOrla on Instagram to see how lovely these look in use


(UPDATED) URGENT RECALL: Ready Meals & Potato Products @ Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrison's & Waitrose

by Lisa Hayes in Misc on 13 May, 2015 at 5:42 pm

(UPDATED) URGENT RECALL: Ready Meals & Potato Products @ Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrison's & Waitrose

EDIT: Both Wairose and Morrisons have also had products recalled because of the same issue. The affected products are: Morrison's Carrot & Swede Mash 500g, and Waitrose Creamy Golden Smoked Haddock In Cheese Sauce 400g 

The Food Standards Agency website contains this information:

The FSA is advising anyone who has bought these products not to eat them and return them to the shop where they were purchased. The pieces of metal which may be present are potentially harmful, so people should check whether they have bought any of the products. A number of potato salad and coleslaw products were recalled on Friday 8 May because of the potential presence of small pieces of metal. A subsequent food chain investigation of these products by the retailers and manufacturer identified the affected batch of potatoes and the other products it was used in. Initial investigations suggest a piece of equipment broke up on the manufacturing line, resulting in the fragments of metal going into the batch of potatoes.


Sainsbury's and Tesco have both issued urgent product recalls of certain food products containing potato as they may have been contaminated with metal pieces. 

You are advised not to consume these products, and you can return them to a store for a full refund. Tesco have specified that no receipt is required.

The issue was first found with a potato salad dishes, but Sainsbury's have taken the extra precaution of recalling ALL potato containing ready meals produced by this supplier.

You can find further information on the product recalls from Sainsbury's here*, and for Tesco here*.

Here is the full list of recalled products:

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Bambino Mio Coming Soon To Aldi!

by Lisa Hayes in Misc on 13 May, 2015 at 1:30 pm

 Bambino Mio Coming Soon To Aldi!

Bambino Mio* have announced today that they will have some exclusive products that will be sold in Aldi stores! They have just teased us with the announcement at the moment, and are not saying what type of their products will be sold in Aldi, but this must be good news for many parents.

Bambino Mio are the biggest selling reusable cloth nappy brand in the country, and with the products being exclusive to Aldi it's being speculated that they will be making a special budget brand, as Aldi stores are all about low prices as well as good quality.

There is no more information on either the Aldi website*, or the Bambino Mio* one at present, but I shouldn't think we will have to wait long. The picture above that has been added to the twitter and facebook pages of Bambino Mio is all they have released! Exclusive products coming 28th May to all Aldi stores in the UK and Ireland. 

When we have more information we will let you know.

Parents Arrested For Stealing Out Of Date Food From Supermarket Bin

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Misc on 13 May, 2015 at 1:12 pm

Parents Arrested For Stealing Out Of Date Food From Supermarket Bin

A couple who were arrested for stealing discarded out-of-date groceries from a supermarket have escaped a jail term, thanks to a compassionate judge.

The Daily Mail reports:

"A husband and wife who were caught on CCTV stealing out-of-date food from Tesco bins to survive have avoided sentencing after a sympathetic judge said 'how are they expected to live?' Paul Barker, 39, and Kerry Barker, 29, of Sunderland, were spotted on CCTV sifting through out-of-date groceries at the back of a store on January 5 after their benefits were stopped and they could not afford to feed themselves or their children."

Police spotted the couple stealing the food from a supermarket bin. They were later charged with theft and made to appear in court. The couple told the paper that they did not consider their actions theft, on the basis that the food had been discarded by Tesco, who chose not to press charges.
According to the Trussell Trust, a charity which runs food banks, 13 million people live below the poverty line in the UK. Their website states:

Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. Trussell Trust foodbanks provide a minimum of three days' emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis in the UK. In 2013-14 foodbanks fed 913,138 people nationwide. Of those helped, 330,205 were children.

I can't begin to imagine what it's like to have to resort to feeding my family from the contents of a supermarket's bin, but it's well documented that none of us are as many steps away from the breadline as we like to think we are, so I am heartened by this judge's response. It beggars belief that this case got as far as the courts, in my view.

Information about how to access your local food bank is available here - you can get in touch to access emergency food supplies, or to donate items.

Safety Recall On IKEA Safety Gates

by Nada in Misc on 13 May, 2015 at 10:03 am

 Safety Recall On IKEA Safety Gates

This is VERY important if you have bought a safety gate from IKEA. The PATRULL KLÄMMA or PATRULL SMIDIG Pressure Mounted Safety Gates are not to be used at the top of a staircase. They are perfectly safe when used in a doorway between rooms or at the bottom of a staircase. These are the only two IKEA safety gates that have an issue.

Here's what IKEA are saying is the problem:

IKEA has received reports where the friction between the wall and the pressure mounted safety gate has been insufficient to hold the gate in its intended position. In addition, the lower metal bar could constitute a tripping hazard. The gate poses as a fall hazard with risk of injury if mounted at the top of a staircase. There have been three reports identified where children have been injured as a result of falling downwards on stairs.

As always when a safety issue is raised with an item the retailer must launch a Safety Recall. IKEA will refund ANY PATRULL KLÄMMA SAFETY GATE, PATRULL SMIDIG SAFETY GATE and/or PATRULL SAFETY GATE EXTENSION UNIT. You do not require proof of purchase. Just return them to an IKEA store for a refund or exchange.

"This recall only affects products with a date stamp of “1510” or earlier, since all newer models will include updated user instructions and updated adhesive warning labels for the gate."

ANY of these gate no matter when made can be returned for a full refund, regardless of the date stamp.

You can find out more about the recall on these Safety Gates from IKEA, here.

Thanks to Ben @ Bitterwallet

Claim Your Free European Health Insurance Card

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Misc on 12 May, 2015 at 9:58 am

Claim Your Free European Health Insurance Card

Have you ever heard of an EHIC card? I hadn't, until this morning. It stands for the European Health Insurance Card, and you can read more about it here but it's basically a card that you'd be mad not to get your mitts on if you're going on holiday or travelling to any countries in the European Economic Area.

It's NOT travel insurance and you DO need a valid private travel insurance policy as well as this card - some insurers even insist that you hold an EHIC when applying for a travel insurance policy, and will waive their excess if you have one. That alone is surely a good enough reason to get one - you could potentially save a few quid.

The EHIC card is totally free - never pay for one because that's a sure sign that you're applying through an unofficial website. If you want to apply for one or renew an existing one, just CLICK HERE.

Your EHIC enables you to access state-provided healthcare at a reduced cost (or free, in some circumstances) in countries that are part of the European Economic Area (EEA), including Switzerland. Your healthcare treatment will be covered until you return to the UK.

Pre-existing medical conditions and routine maternity care are covered, as long as the purpose of your visit is not specifically to give birth.

Holding an EHIC card will NOT entitle you to any private medical healthcare or costs, such as ski-resort mountain rescue, the cost of flying back to the UK in the event of ill-health or other unforeseen circumstances, and it will NOT cover costs relating to lost or stolen property.

Nobody likes to think about getting ill on holiday or having an accident or medical emergency, but if you've ever had your travels curtailed by such a thing, you'll appreciate the peace of mind that something like an EHIC card can offer.

If you're heading off on hols around Europe this summer and have yet to sort out your travel insurance, it's definitely worth applying for one.

For more information, you can check out the EHIC Facebook page or click here to download the EHIC app for your Smartphone.

With thanks to karri123 @HUKD.

Is Wauwaa Going Bust?

by Lisa Hayes in Misc on 11 May, 2015 at 3:26 pm

 Is Wauwaa Going Bust?

We have posted a few deals in the past from Wauwaa as they have had some great offer on baby and kids products, but it looks as though things have gone very wrong for the retailer.

Although there has been no announcement, if you try to access their website you just get "Page Not Found", and their Twitter and Facebook accounts have both been deleted, so it's looking like Wauwaa may have gone bust.

Obviously if you are waiting on an order from Wauwaa then this is bad news. There's a few ways that this could go right now. The company could be sold, which may not affect existing orders if it continues to operate, though this looks unlikely with the social media accounts being removed. If the company goes into administration then there will be an official announcement along with details of what action you should take.

If you have made a payment by card then you can contact your card issuer, as you may be able to get the payment reversed of you have not received the goods. Each card companies procedures will be different, but it's worth checking with them.

When we get any more information we will let you know.

More LEGO Dimensions Revealed

by Nada in Misc on 11 May, 2015 at 11:57 am

More LEGO Dimensions Revealed

Back in April, our lovely Lisa told you all about LEGO Dimensions. You can find that post here. The Toys-to-Life game series is set to be released in September 2015 and you can pre-order at Amazon and Smyths. We have know that there will be characters featured from Back To The Future, Lord Of The Rings, LEGO Movie and The Wizard Of Oz. Now we know some details of what's to come, thanks to details found on the instructions for 71201, published by LEGO themselves. We don't care if this was an error or not on LEGO's part we are just too excited.

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Do We Really Need A "Man" Baby Changing Bag ?

by Lisa Hayes in Misc on 9 May, 2015 at 7:50 pm

Do We Really Need A "Man" Baby Changing Bag ?

Whilst looking for good baby deals I found something that I will confess I hadn't seen before. The Oi Oi Man Satchel Changing Bag*. I was so surprised at the thought of a distinct "Man" changing bag that I didn't even notice the ridiculous price (more than £80 if you were wondering).

I realise that there are a lot of very feminine baby changing bag designs out there, with busy patterns or the "Yummy Mummy" type slogans on them. They don't look masculine at all, that's true, but is there a reason to make one specifically for a man to carry?

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Pumping And Nursing Pods In Airports: Brilliant or Barmy?

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Misc on 8 May, 2015 at 7:03 pm

Pumping And Nursing Pods In Airports: Brilliant or Barmy?

Have you ever set foot in an airport and thought 'What this place REALLY needs is a dedicated pod for breastfeeding mothers'? Nope, me neither.

Which is why it makes little sense to me that one American company has created dedicated breastfeeding booths in selected airports.

The Huffington Post reports:

"Seventh Generation have sponsored and installed four nursing pods in New York area airports, solely as a place to breastfeed your children. Yes, really."

The pods are reportedly 4ft by 8ft wide, and are, um, 'furnished' with two benches and plug sockets. That sounds a little too much like a prison cell, if you ask me! But plenty of mums are totally delighted with them, and the company behind the pods has even created their own app to make it easy for mums to find them.

The firm's 'manager of mission advocacy and outreach' said:

"Airports can be stressful environments and are busy, and we want to give moms a clean and comfortable area where they can pump or nurse."

We can't wait to hear what you think of this.

Personally, I'm all for anything that reduces the chances of a mother feeling like the public toilet is her best option when it comes to finding somewhere to feed her baby, but I'm less than thrilled at the idea that I should hide away in a dedicated cubby hole to do so.

Plus what do you do if you have more than one child?! I can't see my older siblings being happy to sit in one of these with me while I feed the baby, but I don't like the idea of them waiting outside where I can't keep my eye on them.

I can see that having somewhere clean and private to express milk could be handy for pumping mamas, but I've yet to see anyone doing that in a public place anyway, so I'm not totally convinced there's a case for that. But maybe I'm missing something.

Would you use a pod like this to feed your baby or express breastmilk, or are you also bothered by the notion that nursing mums should hide themselves away?

* I feel compelled to add to this that I hadn't appreciated that so many new mums feel anxious about breastfeeding in public, so absolute kudos to those of you who have commented on our Facebook page to say that you'd really welcome these in the UK. If they make just a handful of mums feel better about breastfeeding their babies then I'm all for them, after all...*


Who Wants To Work At 'The Making Of Harry Potter'?

by Lisa Hayes in Misc on 8 May, 2015 at 4:33 pm

 Who Wants To Work At 'The Making Of Harry Potter'?

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Are you busy tomorrow? Live anywhere near Watford? 

If you answered "Yes!" to all three then this is your lucky day. Warner Bros Studios are holding a Recruitment Open Day tomorrow. They are looking for Visitor Experience Hosts, Interactors, Sales Associates and Car Parkers for 'The Making If Harry Potter'.

You can drop in to the open day at The Langley Rooms in Watford at any time between 10am and 4pm tomorrow if you are interested in any of these posts. You can also apply online at the Warner Bros Studios website.

So, do you know anyone who would be interested in this? Working in the world of Harry Potter must be a dream job for many, so expect there to be a lot of applicants!

Have A Krispy Kreme Wedding!

by Nada in Misc on 7 May, 2015 at 9:14 pm

Have A Krispy Kreme Wedding!

To some people, the thought of having Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at their wedding would seem a touch tacky but to others it seems like the heavenly thing to do. I LOVE Krispy Kremes but is it enough to have them at my wedding. Well, the answer to that is maybe. Since Lisa showed me this, I thought bingo, that's something for having after the Wedding BBQ we are having.

So, they might not be for those with a formal wedding but they are sure a bit of fun. You can choose between an Original Tower for just £325 or the Assorted Tower for £345.

The Original Tower contains 204 Original Glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and the Assorted Tower has 216 gooey, sticky, yummy speciality Krispy Kreme Doughtnuts.

If you are too tame to have a tower of these sugary delights then why not choose to have Krispy Kreme favours for your guests instead. They come individually boxed and start at £1.70 a piece. There's a choice between Original Glazed or different speciality ones.

You don't have to have these for a wedding. Think of a birthday party that is coming up, like a 40th or a wedding anniversary.

My Baby Will Not Sleep: Stupid Things I Thought Because Of Sleep-Deprivation

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Misc on 7 May, 2015 at 6:27 pm

My Baby Will Not Sleep: Stupid Things I Thought Because Of Sleep-Deprivation

If you’re on your knees with exhaustion as the proud new parent of a baby who just does not sleep, here are three home truths that I reckon you could use. I learned them the hard way.

It’s my fault my baby will not sleep

Sleep deprivation does ridiculously stupid things to the human brain, but the very worst is the way it distorts your thinking until you’re convinced that you are in some way to blame for the fact that you have a baby who will not sleep.  So I’m here to say this loud and clear. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. It’s not because of something you’ve done or haven’t done, it’s not a measure of the sanctity of your soul, and it’s certainly not because you won’t cave to pressure from well-meaning relatives and just try controlled crying / give up breastfeeding / insert any number of ‘good ideas’ here. Think about it. Believing that it’s YOUR fault your baby doesn’t sleep is as absurd as blaming yourself because he or she didn’t arrive fully potty-trained and able to recite the alphabet backwards whilst painting a masterpiece with one hand tied behind her back. Sleep is a skill which must be learned, and there are endless reasons why some babies grasp it quicker than others. But IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Have you got that yet?

It’s the end of the world because I have a baby who will not sleep 
(It wasn’t.)
In years to come this painful period of sleepless parenting will actually become a dim and distant memory. Honestly. It’s not because it’s not the big deal you feel it is right now, it’s just because all the most demanding and difficult parts of parenthood do just eventually fade - that’s the only way Mother Nature can get us to keep popping out more of the little blighters. I realise this might not be much comfort to you right now,  but I found that it can actually help to take a moment to drink in the bigger picture when you’re going out of your mind with lack of sleep. Repeat after me: this too shall pass. It really, really will.

Everybody else secretly thinks I’m a rubbish mum
Surrounded by parents whose babies sleep for twelve blissful hours every single night, it’s easy to feel like a failure. Worse, it’s tempting to assume that everyone around you secretly thinks that your baby doesn’t sleep because, beneath your less-than-convincing facade, you’re just a really rubbish mother. Except no-one’s actually thinking that, and if they were they’d be the sort of useless friend that you shouldn’t bother your head about anyway. If anything, your friends are feeling gut-wrenching empathy for you and wondering how best they can offer you some support. My advice - pick up the phone and tell them what it’s like being the mother of a baby who will not sleep - they might not have a magic cure, but you’ll feel a whole ton better.

Oh, and did I mention that IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT?

Image credit: Louie

Why We Should Vote In Today's General Election

by Lisa Hayes in Misc on 7 May, 2015 at 2:43 pm

Why We Should Vote In Today's General Election

9 million women didn't vote in the last General Election. That is a truly shocking fact. That's 9 million women who did not make their voice heard, who did not make a choice, and who are represented by no one.

The most common reasons people give for not voting is that they have lost faith in politics and politicians, think that politicians are "all as bad as each other", and that their vote won't change anything. I just don't agree.

If you think your vote won't change anything again then take a look at the chart in the picture above. All the polls and commentators are convinced that this is going to be an even closer election than the last.With the two main parties seemingly neck and neck every vote counts. Imagine what would happen if those 15.9 million people all turned out and voted this time? That sort of people power can change the country.

Saying that they are all as bad as each other is like judging all the kids in the local school by the noisiest ones you hear in the playground. Seeing the leaders shouting at each other in Prime Minister's Questions is a bit like a playground argument, I agree, but are all politicians like that all the time? Of course not, but boring budget meetings and meeting with constituents doesn't make good TV so we don't see that side. And if you aren't happy with the politicians we have then use your vote to get some new ones.

The reason I vote in every single election, be it for MPs. MEPs, Councillors, or Police Commissioners is simple. 100 years ago women were not allowed to have the vote. Women gave their lives to bring about this change, and I think to not bother to use my vote would be  disrespectful to their memory and ungrateful. Men and women around the world still do not have the democratic rights that we do, and I believe that we should use our vote and our voice for change.

I voted on the way to school this morning, and when I explained that women weren't always allowed to vote he looked like it was the most shocking thing he had ever heard. I'm glad that he is growing up in a country where we choose who runs it.

Go on the school run, go one at a time after the kids are in bed, pop out after tea, it doesn't matter. You have until 10pm tonight to make your voice heard. Speak up. Make a difference. 


Pre-Order The NEW Thunderbirds Toys @ The Entertainer / Smyths Toys

by Lisa Hayes in Misc on 6 May, 2015 at 5:36 pm

 Pre-Order The NEW Thunderbirds Toys @ The Entertainer / Smyths Toys

The new 2015 re-boot of Thunderbirds is a big success for ITV, and to go with it there will be a whole new range of toys, including a brand new version of Tracy Island itself.

The Thunderbirds Are Go toys include figures of all the main character and all the vehicles, as well as the huge Tracy Island play set. Although they are not due for release until July this year, The Entertainer are already taking pre-orders for them. This normally signals that a toy is going to be hugely popular, and may be hard to get, so it's something to think about before July if your children are fans.

Since they announced the Tracy Island toy set in January certain members of my household have been very excited about it, and I've just shown them the video sneak peek. You should have seen their faces. Oh dear.

The down side is the price. The figures are £8, the vehicles are £10 - £17, and there's even a uniform at £20. All of those are the RRP and seem about average, but the Tracy Island is a mega £79.99. That's one we will be keeping a close eye on to see what offers we can find, though on first release they are unlikely to be anything other than the full RRP if they are that much in demand.

In the absence of special offers we will have to go all home-made, and attempt the Blue Peter "here's one I made earlier" version that Anthea Turner did. I'm not the only one who remembers that, am I?

Five Tips For Introducing Older Siblings To A New Baby (Yes, Prince George, We're Thinking About You...)

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Misc on 6 May, 2015 at 11:33 am

Five Tips For Introducing Older Siblings To A New Baby (Yes, Prince George, We're Thinking About You...)

I wonder how gorgeous Prince George is adapting to life with a new little Princess in the Palace?

There’s 21 months between my lads - about the same age gap as there is between Princess Charlotte and her big brother, so, for the benefit of those of you currently grappling with introducing a new baby to an older child, here’s what I remember about how to help smooth the transition between siblings:

1. Never underestimate the capacity of kids to surprise you.
I remember agonising over how to break the news to my boys that they were going to be big brothers. I need never have worried - they were delighted with the news and have been utterly spectacular big brothers from the second they even knew their sister existed. So don’t presume you know how your child will react to having a baby brother or sister, and don't lose sleep worrying about putting their noses out of joint. Apparently George was ridiculously excited about meeting his sister, even if he looked a bit shell-shocked. Your kids will probably surprise you, so don't waste energy fearing the worst.

2. Invest in a treasure box
 for feeding times.
You’re bound to have heard of the idea of creating a treasure box of items that your older child can play with whenever you’re feeding the new baby. This was a total God-send in our house. If you can assemble it before the baby arrives, that’s even better. It can be full of simple, inexpensive items like stickers, colouring sheets, books and puzzles, but above all make sure you stick strictly to it being something special only for use when the baby is feeding - that way the novelty won’t wear off quickly, and you’ll have a bit of a breather during feeds, too.

3. All new babies should bring presents,
Rumour has it that Prince George got a little present when he went to meet Princess Charlotte in hospital, and that he dashed home rather than appear on the steps of the Lindo Wing with the rest of the family because he couldn’t wait to play with it. Again, this is a genius idea. Yes, it’s technically a bribe from the baby, but no, it’s not worth getting hung up on the ethics of that. It’s hard for a little person to resent someone who turns up with a great gift, after all.

4. Ask visitors to greet the big brother or sister first.
I wonder if the Queen did this? My in-laws did it when they arrived to visit our second baby, and it was a beautifully poignant way of making sure our eldest child didn’t feel overlooked. Just brief your visitors to spend a few minutes saying hello to the proud new brother or sister before they go gushing at the baby. It’s worth it to make sure your older child knows they still matter, too, and haven't simply slipped down the pecking order.

5. Don’t panic if the older child asks when the baby’s going back.
It will happen. I’ve yet to meet a mum of two or more kids who didn’t almost cry when her older child asked if they could send the baby back now. A friend's child took this a step further and tried to post the baby ‘home’ via the washing machine - it goes without saying that you need to be vigilant around sibling relations in the early days - but don’t panic if your older child is less than enamored with his new brother or sister. Another friend says her two-year-old refused to touch or even acknowledge his baby sister for the first three weeks of her life. That's ok, too. Like all relationships, the bond between siblings can take a little while to evolve. Give it time. Just keep the washing machine door firmly closed in the interim.

We'd love to hear your experiences of introducing siblings to one another. What helped smooth the new family dynamic in your house, and what would you add to our list?

Facebook Parents: Which One Are You?

by Heidi Scrimgeour in Misc on 5 May, 2015 at 4:25 pm

Facebook Parents: Which One Are You?

We all do it. Mentally categorise our Facebook friends into 'types'. Don't pretend you don't. (Please don't - you'll make me look bad for starters.)

Ahem, anyway. I laughed out loud at the ten types of Facebook parent referenced in a Metro article this morning. My favourite of their observations of typical Facebook parents is the over-sharer, whom they describe thusly:

When the over-sharer isn’t posting pictures of their child’s latest rash or a weird scab, they are giving graphic descriptions of their child’s latest explosive nappies. They have put you off your lunch on more than one occasion. Also likes to share 10,457 pictures a day usually of their child doing the same thing – but you have to admit those pictures are super cute. Most likely to post: Help! What do you think this is in my son’s poo? (picture of contents of nappy.) Least likely to post: Nothing. Everyone needs to read this stuff right?!

Here are three of my own to add to the list...

1.  The vaguebooker
Never let it be said that the Vaguebooker doesn't let you know what's on her mind. Well actually, scratch that. She never does, because she's too busy vaguely alluding to it without actually telling you anything at all, inevitably eliciting a rush of 'What's up, love?' replies and feverish likes, quickly qualified with 'I don't like this, obvs, hon!'. She doesn't MEAN to be annoying - she probably has some complicated dynamics going on which means she can't just come out with it, so making the vaguest of suggestions (driving your imagination into overdrive in the process) is about the closest she can get to getting things off her chest. Everybody needs their place for that.

2. The selfie queen
She posts almost daily snaps of whatever part of her (admittedly enviable) body is most capturing her attention on any given day. While you're suitably impressed and genuinely in awe of her washboard stomach / flawless skin / Kardashian-worthy pout, you can't help but feel a bit inadequate in the face of all those perfectly-curated selfies. So it's a good job she's as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside, otherwise you'd have no choice but to hate her.

3. The shameless boaster
There's competitive parenting - you know, where you pretend not to be boasting about your kid's sporting prowess / educational achievements / all-round brilliance but secretly are, narrowly disguising it as good, old-fashioned humble pride - and then there's shameless boasting. We've all done this one so I'm in no position to comment on its shortcomings nor on how annoying it is for other parents to witness. Suffice it to say that the point of being parents is surely so that we have something more interesting to boast about than our own lame achievements, no?

So come on, tell us: which one are you, and which ones would you add to the list?