GLITCH! Kid's Craft Sets in the Sale going through as BOGOF @ Woolworths

27 December 2014

woolies glitch pm

There are a few Kid's Craft Items in the Sale at Woolworths that used to be in the £2 for £15 offer. A few of them are now reduced to between £4 and £5 each, but when you add 2 of them to your basket it gives you the cheapest one for free! So if you buy a couple of the sets you're getting them for around £2 to £2.50 each rather than the £7.50 each you would have been paying before!

There are Paint Your Own Minnie Mouse sets, Pencil Sets, Pottery Painting, Puzzles, Bead Craft and a few other sets too.

We know that you've all had enough of toys as your houses are full to the brim with new ones right now, but these craft and activity kits are very handy for putting away for presents for all the birthday parties that your kids get invited to all year round. Or you could put them by for rainy day activities.

Remember it only works on the SALE items in the 2 for £15 section, not the full price ones.

The Buy One Get One Free glitch seems to work no matter how many multiples you add to the basket. I tried adding ten of the various sets and it only wanted to charge for five. I thought perhaps this was just a genuine offer of BOGOF on sale items but it's not advertised on the site, so if you fancy grabbing any then I would be quick before someone else gets them all!

Thanks to sazzlebob @ HUKD

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