Vivobarefoot Kids Shoes Review

23 May 2011


I am not much of a shoe person. In fact, it’s only moments after the last snow melts that my flip flops come out and I wear them in defiance of winter and anticipation of summer.  My daughter loves shoes however and ‘shoes’ was her sixth word ever. Personally I don’t want her wearing shoes (especially cheap shoes) all the time as I think developing feet should be barefoot.

Sadly, barefoot isn’t always practical, which is why the Vivobarefoot range of shoes really grabbed my attention.  I can’t review them from the point of view of wearing them, but I can tell you about my experience of them from a mum’s point of view.

While my little girl loves shoes, she never keeps them on for long, and between getting dressed and leaving the house, I normally have to search for her shoes again. That was the first thing I noticed with these – they stayed on for a solid six hours the first day, without socks, and she didn’t try to take them off once. That, to me, makes them an immediate winner.  Even my husband, who kind of grunts in recognition when I show him any new shoes, commented on how nice they were.

We chose a pair of pale pink Pally shoes, the black version of which could easily be used as school shoes. They have an adjustable Velcro strap for quick access and fast tying and untying and so far, have remained ‘sticky.’

The Vivobarefoot range for children was designed in conjunction with podiatrists to “honour what foot specialists have long known… that children walk best barefoot.”

The shoes are made with an ultrathin puncture resistant sole, which, they say, offers all the health benefits of barefoot walking, while still being protected from the elements and sidewalk waste.  If you’re interested in the science, you can find out more about Vivobarefoot technology on their website.

Vivobarefoot kids shoes can be bought online or at selected retailers.

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    [...] baby daughter, she found that they were an “immediate winner”, to find out why click here or on the image [...]

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