Introductory Trial Pack Just £1.94 @ Graze

9 September 2013


Get a variety of natural, wholesome and nutritious snacks delivered to your door in a sealed box with Graze! Order your first pack for just £1.94, thereafter each box costs £3.89. Graze delivers via Royal Mail nationwide within the UK, so any address that can receive post can receive a graze box within four days.

Now this is the most genius, convenient idea I’ve seen this year! Want to give your kids healthy, nutritious snacks but don’t have the time or the know-how on how to put it together? Enter Graze! First you choose from their range of over 100 healthy, tasty snacks including nuts, dried fruit, olives, seeds as well as flapjacks, cakes and popcorn. Then you choose a box type and enter your delivery and payment details. Then you sit back and wait for the slim, letterbox size box to arrive like your normal post.

You can also order boxes for yourself to be delivered to work or even friends or relatives sick at home. You can choose from foods low in calories or foods that boost your energy in portions especially designed by a qualified nutritionist.


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