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Baby's Christmas Wardrobe From £1 @ Tesco F&F

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 12 December, 2014 at 9:11 pm

Baby's Christmas Wardrobe From £1 @ Tesco F&FTesco F&F have a sale on kids clothing at the moment, with prices starting from £1. The baby category specifically has some perfectly priced items for things that will only see one or two wears. There are eight items for £1, including bibs, tops and a babygrow. There are socks, hats, gloves and long sleeve T-shirts from £2.

Free Click & Collect is available from selected stores after 4pm if you order before 3pm otherwise standard UK Delivery (2-5 working days) is £3.95 or free when you spend over £50.

These baby clothes are extremely cute, there's no argument there, but when you're already spending a lot on Christmas, buying clothes that are suitable for just one or two weeks of wear seems a little wasteful, so when you're not having to pay full price for it, it's always a bonus.

I'm sure these outfits will raise a few smiles and get the grownups into a festive mood too.

Thanks to chellewatson at HUKD

Snowman Accessories From £3.49 @ Yankee Candle

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 11 December, 2014 at 9:51 pm

Snowman Accessories From £3.49 @ Yankee CandleFor our Yankee Candle fans, there are Snowman candle accessories on sale at Yankee Candle right now, with prices starting at £3.49. Orders under £10 incur a £1.99 delivery charge, and under £50 will be £3.95. Over £50 gives you free delivery.

The small and large Frosted Snowman trays for protecting your home's surfaces are £3.49 and £4.49 respectively.

The Small Frosted Snowman 'shade' is also £4.49 and I'm dying to know if it causes little dancing snowman reflections!

The silver Snowman glass sleeves are £5.50 and £6, and are perfect for turning your favourite fragrances into Christmas fragrances - in looks at least!

For something a little more colourful, the Skating Snowman shades are £7.30 and £12.15 and sure to make you feel festive.

Don't Know What To Give T'Other Half? Beard Baubles!

by Luschka van Onselen in Misc on 11 December, 2014 at 9:10 pm

Don't Know What To Give T'Other Half? Beard Baubles!If you're a little stuck on a present for the Mr in  your life, well, don't even think about Beard Baubles, because they're out of stock and have been so due to massive demand. These £7 a pack baubles are exactly what they sound like - baubles for the beard and they are apparently huge this Christmas.

Beard Baubles were originally created to be worn by staff at the Grey London ad agency for the firm’s Christmas card, but they proved to be so popular that the designers decided to put the baubles on sale. Proceeds from the sale go to Beard Season, a (seemingly Australian) campaign to get people checking their skin for Melanoma (skin cancer). I think it's quite nice that they've taken a fun idea and turned it to good.

The baubles come in packs of 14 with 10 large balls and four smaller ones. They've been hugely popular in the UK, but Australians, Americans, New Zealanders, German and French customers have been snapping them up up too.

Here at PlayPennies we had a good chuckle about these. Don't they just bring Christmas cheer?

Santa Reindeer & Snowman Soft Toys £1 @ Poundland

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 10 December, 2014 at 10:14 pm

Santa Reindeer & Snowman Soft Toys £1 @ PoundlandOn a scale of one to ten, we think the Santa, Reindeer and Snowman soft toys at Poundland are just beyond cute and for just the £1 you'd expect. Apparently they also have penguins, polar bears and seals.

You know when something is just so cute and so sweet that you're trying to think of ways to use it or someone to give it to? Well, that's me and these right now!

There's not a whole lot of information on these to be honest, but they're £1 plush toys. The rest isn't too hard to figure out, frankly.

Whether stocking fillers, or themed play or whatever it is, if you're passing by Poundland, grab one. They're so lovely.

Thanks to twinkleplease at HUKD

Toys From £1 Clothes From £5.60 Brand Event @ House of Fraser

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 10 December, 2014 at 9:37 pm

Toys From £1 Clothes From £5.60 Brand Event @ House of FraserHouse of Fraser's Brand Event started today, with sales across the store. There's up to 50% off on home, bags and toys, up to 40% off on menswear, up to 30% on kids wear and up to 20% on shoes and electronics.  For kids, this means toys - or a sticker book, to be precise - from £1, and clothes for kids and babies from £5.60.

It may not normally be regarded as a cheap brand, and with baby gifts like the Armani Junior Babys All-In-One With Hat Giftbox'reduced' to £82.50, this may not be a regular shop for most of us. With the sale however, there's a much more reasonable price bracket to be shopping in, especially for babies, with prices from £5.60 on baby clothes to party dresses.

Toys wise, there's a Doc McStuffins sticker book for £1 and various other stocking-filler style toys for under £5 although the Furby Boom Purple Wavesat £39.99 seems a much cheaper price than anywhere else too.

There are just under 150 toys for under £5 though, so plenty to fill the stockings with - and if you're so inclined get a head start on all next year's birthday presents too!

Heads Up: M&S Gifting Weekend

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 10 December, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Heads Up: M&S Gifting WeekendHead over to M&S for discounts this weekend on wine, flowers and hampers.

At the time of writing we don't have specific information on individual products, but we thought you might like a little heads up to help you plan your shopping this weekend.

This weekend, M&S's Gifting Weekend sales include 20% off five selected lines of flowers for delivery dates excluding 21 - 24 December. Hampers will also have 20% off five lines with the same exclusions - perfect if they're for a colleague or someone who won't be home for the holidays, but you want to get something to them anyway.

From 10 December - 15 December you can save 25% when you buy two wines, so pair up your starters and mains with some lovely wines for these cost benefits.

Happy shopping!

Yankee Candle Illuma Jar Lids £3.48 Delivered @ Amazon

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 9 December, 2014 at 10:21 pm

Yankee Candle Illuma Jar Lids £3.48 Delivered @ AmazonAmazon seller Yankee Aroma Direct Ltd are selling Yankee Candle Illuma Jar Lids in Snowman for £2.49, with 99p delivery, making them £3.48. They also have Santa, but he's £5.

Made exclusively for Yankee Candle, Illuma-Lid is specifically designed to reduce the effects of drafts. Simply place the lid on a jar candle and will it helps the candle flame burn steadier while allowing superb distribution of the scent.

Apparently these help the candles burn cleaner and more evenly, and fit the standard 22 oz., 19.8 oz. and 14.5 oz. jar candles.

I'm quite curious as to whether they also cast interesting shadows on the ceiling!

A nice addition to your Yankee candle collection, perhaps?

Thanks to mrsmousey44 at HUKD

8 Mini Reindeer Christmas Crackers £1 Delivered @ The Works

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 9 December, 2014 at 10:06 pm

8 Mini Reindeer Christmas Crackers £1 Delivered @ The WorksThe Works have 8 Mini Reindeer Christmas Crackers on sale for £1, and with the code FREETODAY that we told you about yesterday, and they extended till tonight, you can get them delivered for free.

While probably not your main Christmas dinner crackers, these would be cute tree decorations, or for the kids table, or whatever you can imagine really and at £1 delivered there's not much to lose.

The crackers themselves are designed to appeal to children with cute reindeer and snowman pictures on them and although there's nothing official on the insides, we're led to believe they contain stickers and a Christmas hat so no small toys for little people.

I'd be tempted to buy them, open them up and put a chocolate liqueur bottle in each one as a post lunch treat. At the price, however, you can do what you want with them!

Heads Up: Save £15 When You Spend £75 @ Aldi

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 9 December, 2014 at 9:46 pm

Heads Up: Save £15 When You Spend £75 @ AldiIf you're planning a big shop before Christmas, it may be worth your while picking up a paper this Thursday for a voucher for £15 off £75 spend at Aldi. I know in my family a food shop for Christmas eve, Christmas morning and lunch and then easy and light to prepare foods for the week after could quite easily come to £75, so getting it for £60 will be a real bonus - and if you're buying alcohol it should be really easy to make up!

Even if you're not into a boozy Christmas, the special buys for practical things from wellie socks to power tools can easily fill up the extra, while you tick off food, a few stocking fillers or basics like nappies and extra toothpaste with a pretty decent saving. Don't forget there's character clothing going on sale in Aldi on Thursday too, including Frozen, Batman, Sofia and so on.

To claim your £15 off, you'll have to spend 55p this Thursday in either the Daily Mirror in England or Wales or the Daily Record in Scotland. You will have until the 24th of December to use the voucher too, though you might want to balance the risk of empty shelves if you wait that long!

Thanks to Chanchi32 at HUKD

Paddington Bear 30cm Talking Soft Toy £12 @ Tesco

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 9 December, 2014 at 9:08 pm

Paddington Bear 30cm Talking Soft Toy £12 @ Tesco Tesco are selling the Paddington Bear Talking Soft Toy for £12, but stocks are getting low, so if you want this little guy, you'll have to move fast. There's free next day Click & Collect, or delivery is  available at £3.

The Talking Paddington Bear is a plush cuddly toy that comes to life with five phrases when you squeeze his tummy! Made from beautifully soft material with a removable duffel coat, Paddington is 30cm tall and is ideal for cuddling up to at bedtime.

I don't know about your kids, but mine will have the duffel coat off and lost in minutes, so I might stitch it on, but either way, it sounds like a lovely little soft toy, and great if going to see the movie is on your to do list this holiday season.

The age range says it's suitable from 1 month, so that's nice too - a bear that can grow with your baby.

Those who have it say it's well worth the money too, which is always helpful to know!

Thanks to Almond22 at HUKD

Skating Elsa £22.48 Delivered @ Amazon

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 9 December, 2014 at 8:19 pm

Skating Elsa £22.48 Delivered @ AmazonAmazon have just dropped the price on this popular Frozen doll from £29.99 to £22.48 and as it’s over £10, super saver delivery is automatically free.

This Elsa skating doll is on many “Top 10 Christmas Lists” for 2014 and as a single item it looks like a good price. Even using the Smyths £6 off voucher it would still cost you £22.99 if you were spending over £50 all together and you’d have to pay delivery on top.

The Ice Skating Elsa can be guided along while holding her ankle and as she rolls forward her arms and legs move.

It may not be an ideal doll for a small child as it does have moving parts and small parts that create the movement, but you know your child best. At the original price it's not the cheapest of toys - earlier this year Hamley's had it pegged as one of their top 10 toys, selling at £40 each, so all in all, not a bad price from Amazon.

Thanks to Claire on Facebook 

Up To 90% Off Books @ The Book People

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 9 December, 2014 at 9:02 am

Up To 90% Off Books @ The Book PeopleThe Book People have a fabulous flash sale on that ends at midnight tonight with up to 90% off a range of 182 books. Delivery is free on orders over £25, otherwise the standard fee of £2.95 applies.

The Book People has some amazing book sets and some of those at fantastic prices. There are regulars like Julia Donaldson's Story Collectionof 10 books at the rather regular price of £10, which is still a great price but not unusually so.

Then there are other sets that are a really good price, like the 13 book Paddington Fiction Collection* for £13, or the British History Collectionfor £5 for the six books.

There are also individual books The Gruffalo's Child Magnet Bookwhich is £3, and the Brick CityLego book is also £3.

There are loads of other books to choose from, for kids, grandmothers and other adults. Remember though, it's just till midnight.

Up To 76% Off Photoshoots, Days Out & Experiences @ Virgin Gift Experiences

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 8 December, 2014 at 10:00 pm

Up To 76% Off Photoshoots, Days Out & Experiences @ Virgin Gift ExperiencesFor the hard to buy for, the I don't need anything, the "have everything I want", and the 'I don't need more stuff' people in your life, don't forget experience days! They're perfect for people who don't want anything more that needs dusting.  I'll be buying some for Christmas for friends coming to visit from Australia early next year.

The Christmas selection has some great offers starting at £5, including a Bump To Baby Photoshootfor £5 in Birmingham - you only get one electronic picture, and will probably have the option to buy more on the day. There's a similar bump to baby experience* in London for £7.50, and you get to take home two images.

For a cheap date night, try one of the £15 Comedy Nightsat 11 venues around the UK, that can be used on Friday and Saturday nights too!

There's something for the foodies, the adventurer, the tourist, something for the sporty and something for the traveler. Options are as big and small as your budget, and if you're really clever, there are enough 'for two' options that you might be giving yourself a gift short.

Free Delivery No Minimum Spend @ The Works TODAY ONLY

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 8 December, 2014 at 9:14 am

Free Delivery No Minimum Spend @ The Works TODAY ONLYUse the code below to claim free delivery at The Works today, with no minimum spend whatsoever. This means if you want to buy a 59p pot of bubbles, it's yours for not a penny more. It also means a £1.99 Frozen Sticker Scenes* or even the 99p, Frozen Colouring Set* needn't cost you any more.

Click here to browse The Works for stocking fillers with free delivery*

  • Discount: Free Delivery, No minimum spend
  • Expires: 8 December 2014
  • Offer Code: FREETODAY

If your Frozen fervour is a little thawed (har,har) there's so much to choose from at The Works that you're sure to find something that 'fits'.

Whether that's Christmas books, crackers, crafts, or wrapping paper, sweets or other stocking fillers, there's something for everyone.

For this and other offer codes from The Works*, keep an eye on our voucher page!

Bicycles Up To 60% Off In Manic Monday Sales @ Halfords

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 8 December, 2014 at 9:00 am

Bicycles Up To 60% Off In Manic Monday Sales @ HalfordsHalfords is offering up to 60% off in their 'Manic Monday' sale, today only. This means shoppers can save a fortune on motoring, bicycles and more with delivery before Christmas.

The Manic Monday Sale at Halfords includes gifts for cycling and motoring lovers, on brands such as Carrera, Apollo, Syma and Autoglym.

If you're looking for serious biking equipment, the Carrera Karkinos ltd II is reduced from £659 to £249, saving you a whopping £410. (That said, we're pretty sure we saw it on sale for £299 in a deal of the day recently!)

For kids the Apollo Cupcake 12" bike was £119.99 and is £50 today, saving you £69.99 and the Apollo Firechief 12" bike is the same price, saving you £89.99 on the Halfords RRP on that one.

Have a look around the sale though, as there could be other bits that will interest the biking enthusiast, like helmets from £10 and tool kits for £39.

But remember, these are today only prices, so don't miss out.

Argos Digitises The Traditional Santa Wishlist

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 7 December, 2014 at 8:57 pm

Argos Digitises The Traditional Santa WishlistArgos has launched an app for children, a Santa wishlist which is a digital take on the traditional letter to Santa. It let's children choose the toys they want for Christmas, which is then emailed to parents at the email address they registered when downloading the app.

Rather than just an open list, the app allows parents to control how many toys the children can choose within a set price range.

The child chooses and animated character to pick the desired toys and products, and they say the focus is on a tactile and magical experience, so that children don't see the back-end functionality including the price or a catalogue-style layout.

The app is aimed at children aged between 3- to 7 and is available for iOS and Android devices.

According to Argos, the app has already seen five-figure downloads, so if you're using it, we'd love to know what you think of it?

Does it add to the magic of a child's Christmas? Would the child still write the traditional letter to Santa?

'Action Toy' Stocking Fillers Sale @ The Entertainer

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 6 December, 2014 at 10:42 am

'Action Toy' Stocking Fillers Sale @ The Entertainer The Entertainer has a sale online only this weekend on 'action toy' stocking fillers. There's actually only six items in this category, but lucky for you if you're looking for something Spider Man/Star Wars or Spy-ish. Deliver from The Entertainer is £2.99, and click and collect is free, though it's worth noting that it can take up to 5 days due to huge demand at the moment. If you're thinking of Christmas, however, that shouldn't be a problem.

The Spy Gear Spike Mic and Launcheris a great price at £5, apparently reduced from £25.  This high-tech gadget shoots a special dart with built-in microphone which you just aim and fire at any flat surface, then eavesdrop from up to 15 meters away!

Light Sabers are reduced to £7.50, and there are three to choose from.

The Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Flame Warthog* is reduced to £10, also from £25, and with a 360° rotating turret and working suspension, the ‘Hog’s is used for scouting and reconnaissance.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Spider Vision Maskis reduced to £12.

Press a button to activate the mask’s unique vision mode and then throw a web disc into the air.  The disc will then fly through the air with an amazing spider glow. Just the thing for taking down a criminal!

These should be good for Christmas day fun!

Happyland Christmas Set £5 @ ELC

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 6 December, 2014 at 10:03 am

Happyland Christmas Set £5 @ ELCA great stocking filler for any Happyland fan, the Happyland Christmas set is £5 at Early Learning Centre, reduced from £10.  You’ll be better off collecting in store, as £2.95 for delivery is pretty rough when you’re only paying £5 for the set.

Happyland sets have been around forever, haven’t they? I saw a display once of all the Happyland ‘special’ characters and it was rather impressive, actually!

The Happyland Christmas set is a 6-piece set, consisting of Santa, sleigh, Rudolph, snowman, girl and Christmas tree and they are suitable for children from 18 months and up.  These make a great stocking filler, but also a lovely advent set. They'd be much loved and a great way to theme play - I'd have it in a sand/water table with play rice for my little girls for the Christmas season.

Little Tikes 50% Off @ Amazon

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 6 December, 2014 at 9:40 am

Little Tikes 50% Off @ AmazonAmazon has 50% off a range of toys today, including various Little Tikes toys. The two that caught our attention today were the Cozy Shopping Cart and the Plant-n-Play Garden Activity both reduced to £19.99.

The Plant-n-Play is an interactive and engaging toy,essential for infant play. Infants will have hours of fun maintaining their garden, "planting" vegetables, "watering" flowers and listening to the garden sounds. Parents who have this have given it rave reviews,  saying it has lots of components to it and is very engaging. There's a shape sorter, a buzzing bee, worms to push up and down, a spider attached to a string that pulls and reels back up, a hose that makes noise when you push it, and sticky flowers that attach to the stand up back board.

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Shopping Cart is a toy that children will love to take shopping with them when they are shopping with Mum and Dad. It's doll sized for children to push, rather than ride in themselves.

Thanks to sharlotte79 at HUKD

Peppa Pig Pyjamas £4.49 @ Argos

by Luschka van Onselen in Deals on 5 December, 2014 at 10:01 pm

Peppa Pig Pyjamas £4.49 @ ArgosArgos are selling these sweet Peppa Pig Pyjamas for £4.49 reduced from £6.99. Stock levels vary - I found them in 2 of the 5 Argos stores around my area, and that seems to be the case around the country, but they are not - in my area at least - available for home delivery.

These sure-to-be-loved pyjamas feature preschool favourite Peppa Pig, who is seen to be clutching her teddy and all dressed ready for bed, which will hopefully encourage your little one to do the same.

The top is 100% cotton, and the leggings are 95% cotton and 5% elastane, so should be good for breathability through the night.

These Peppa Pig pyjamas are available in sizes 18 months to 5 years, and as I said, stock levels vary so you'll have to see what's available where you are.